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Dreambuilt Designs is a company dedicated to providing top-notch plans for the do-it-yourself'er, ranging from woodworking, metalworking, and electronics, to leatherworking, sewing, arts and crafts.  Plans are presented in eBook form - no waiting on mail delivery!  Downloading the plans will take anywhere from several seconds to several minutes, depending on your connection.

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If you haven't been to the website in a while - or if this is your first visit - be sure to check out the plans.  Past customers spoke and Dreambuilt Designs listened!  Gone are the old, clunky files - all the plans are now PDF files!  This means the plans are now available to the Mac side of the computing world.


To give you an idea of how these plans look and feel, there are free plans you can download under the "freebies" link.  These are drawn-up exactly like the purchase plans, but only cover simple projects.  Please feel free to download these and give them a try.  You will also find graph paper, isometric paper, and a drill & tap chart for you to print out.  These are very helpful items to have in any shop, and of great use to the do-it-yourself types.  Should you have any questions or suggestions, please email.  Dreambuilt Designs always appreciates your comments. Thanks for stopping by!


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