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UFO Glider

Harking back to the days of the lifting bodies, the UFO Glider represents an attempt to make a single object - a shape with an attached weight for balance - attain flight. Granted, a lot of the shape was built in by the manufacturer when the original item was made, but there are no additional parts for assembly - no rudder, no wings to be added, no stabilizer - just a shape with a weight.

The UFO Glider, while having a definite wingspan, is a very simple and quick project to make and fly. They can be made by the dozens very inexpensively, and if a washer of suitable weight is substituted for the coin, they can be made even cheaper.

UFO Glider

The photo shows a plain vanilla version, but they can be created in color versions as well, and can be decorated with suitable markers. The limits of design are only as far as your imagination.

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