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Quarter-Scale Hot Air Balloon


NEW! Download Hot Air Balloon Video (5.1M download)

Welcome to the world of model hot-air ballooning! NO tissue paper or dry cleaner bags here - we're talking ripstop nylon, a real propane burner, and radio controlled operation! All eyes will be on your creation as it floats skyward with enough lift to easily haul up a small camera. Imagine the pictures you could get from that!

The author has spent considerable time tracking down the parts to build the prototype. He has discovered an extremely inexpensive source for the ripstop - which enabled him to build the original balloon "envelope" for a fraction of the price of a purchased one. Now you can share his money-saving route, because the sources for ALL parts are included in the eBook.

Just check out these features which will save you LOTS of drafting, calculating, head-scratching and searching (not to mention TIME and MONEY!):

  • GORE PATTERN LAYOUT - simplifies drawing the full-sized gore pattern!
  • GORE ALIGNMENT - very simple method for keeping gores aligned while sewing!
  • SUPPORT CABLE JIG - easy-to-make jig for making the support cables!
  • COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS - step-by-step from beginning to end!
  • FULLY ILLUSTRATED - photos and drawings all along the way!
  • COMPLETE PARTS & SOURCE LIST - you save time and money!

A commercially-available balloon can cost upwards of $1800 - depending on the design and features you want. Usually these balloons have 8 or 12 panels (called gores) that make up the shape. The balloon created with these plans has 28 gores - resulting in a very round and pleasing balloon shape! By doing the work yourself (or having someone do the parts you can't), you can save considerable money on your balloon. The prototype was built for a fraction of the commercial price! Included in the eBook are:

  • Complete instructions on where to locate your parts - No hours of fruitless searching! Complete, illustrated plans detailing the construction of your cutting pattern - No long math formulas to deal with! Photographs of the balloon under construction - No guesswork! Worksheet for organizing the 'gores' that make up the balloon - Keeps you up-to-date on your progress!
  • Techniques to make the process faster than conventional methods - like having your own instructor guiding you!

Imagine a model approximately 20 FEET tall and 16 FEET in diameter! That YOU have built! Now imagine that model majestically rising skyward with the roar of a real propane burner at your command by radio control. Sound exciting? You bet it is!

This is not a dry-cleaner-bag-and-a-candle balloon - this is real ripstop nylon, with a propane powered burner. It inflates easily with a box fan, and quickly heats up to start its ascent.

Balloon picture 1
Inflated with a fan

Balloon picture 3
Starting to ascend

Balloon picture 4 Balloon picture 5
Up, up, up and away! Safely tethered, as the balloon is capable
of flight to hundreds (if not thousands) of feet in altitude!

Balloon picture 6
Looking up inside the balloon

Download Hot Air Balloon Gore Pattern
Download Hot Air Balloon Gore Worksheet


Quarter-Scale Hot Air Balloon plans eBook - $ 30.00




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