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The following sites will interest anyone who came to this site looking for do-it-yourself type projects:

This is a man who REALLY likes to do things himself - from programming his site, building his own house, recycling microwave ovens, to melting his own metal! Dan's Workshop offers an eBook on building your own electric metal furnace - very easy to follow and complete instructions. I should know because I built one following his plans! His latest eBook concerns building your own welder - check it out!
THE woodworking superstore! Be sure to get their FREE catalog - full of woodworking equipment, hardware, plans, books, finishes, etc. Rockler has everything you need for any of your woodworking requirements. Visit them & request their free catalog today!
A man of many talents, Gerald has put in his time behind the airbrush and automotive bodywork. His new site showcases his efforts on several vehicles as well as other projects. Believe me when I say some are truly breathtaking - I've seen some of these up close & in person. Gerald's GTO will soon be offering a How-To eBook on doing bodywork - reconstruction and restoration - detailing the use of products that are currently available. When a master craftsman offers his expertise, it is well worth the reading!
This guy has provided me with a LOT of inspiration and has helped out on more than a few of the projects and hobbies that I get into. From camping to gold-panning, spelunking, kites, and cross-country excursions, Dennis' experiences are definitely something to share. His Aspenweaver site is more of an experience-it yourself than a do-it yourself for now, but that is not to say he doesn't build his own gismos & gadgets as well. Be sure to stay tuned to his site for his profit-making series!
This is where I purchased the font for doing the Celtic knotwork design on the CD-Rack. The ClanBadge.com site now offers three versions of the Celtic Knotwork designing font - in original, inverted, or outline versions, as well as packages which include custom designs. For the easiest way of doing Celtic knotwork layouts I know of, be sure to visit their site!
This site is where metalworkers exchange ideas. Metalwebnews.com is a great source for information for the beginner or advanced metalworker!
Vintageprojects.com is a site of free project plans from vintage sources - all in PDF file form. Metalworking, woodworking, - from archery to tractors & tractor attachments. There is something for everyone in the mix.
  www.ballooning.start4all.com is a page of links of ALL kinds of pages relating to hot air ballooning from models to airshows to manufacturers of full-sized balloons.

proshoppublishing.com is a site that sells the book Machine Shop Trade Secrets.  "From basic to advanced machining, this easy to understand book lists suggestions for immediately improving your machining skills."

This is what a few machinists (ranging from professional to beginner) that I know said about the book:

W. Ward  "Excellent book! I wish I had this when I started years ago!"
W. White  "Very interesting book - lots of great information."
D. Morton  "This is the REAL deal - VERY useful information!"
L. Poindexter  "Machine Shop Trade Secrets is a straightforward, fact filled book loaded with useful and practical tips for beginner as well as seasoned machinists.  Everyone who reads this book will benefit from it."


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